Plan Type
Year 1
Year 2+
Plan Andaí  -  (Small School)

2 to 8  
€37.98 per  
10% discount per  
Plan Bobaí  -  (Large School)

9 +  
€389.98 per  
10% discount per  
    =    Teacher          /              =    School

  • Prices in the column titled "Year 1", are for a duration of 1 year. The column titled "Year 2+", shows the discount that returning teachers and schools will receive for the 2nd year and for every successive year after that.

  • The discounts shown in the column "Year 2+" apply only to the prices shown. They cannot be used in combination with any other promotions.

  • All prices shown, are per teacher or per school, depending on the symbol beside the price.

  • Teachers and schools who trial SingFónaic can avail of a SPECIAL discount when they subscribe for the first time. The discount code will be included in your email when you request a trial.

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if you wish to choose a SingFónaic package that suits your school's needs.