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5 compelling reasons why your school will benefit from SingFónaic

It motivates children to actively engage in Irish lessons

It inspires teachers to teach Irish Phonics

It's aligned with the new Primary Language Curriculum

It's the innovative way for children to learn Irish

Children and Teachers use Irish Phonics to learn the Irish alphabet, using fun characters, rhymes, dictation lists, songs and games


We are thoroughly enjoying the SingFónaic Irish phonics programme in 4th class this year. The children love learning the Irish sounds through the different songs, rhymes & games in a fun and interactive way.

Múinteoir Séamus (Ó Cadhla), Gaelscoil Bharra, Cabra, Dublin 7

The way that sounds can be taught in a structured, chronological order starting with the easier sounds for younger classes and moving through the levels for more advanced classes. The Irish resources (games, activity worksheets) are very useful for complementing and reinforcing sounds covered in teaching.

Webinar Participant - Navan Education Centre

One of it's best features, is it's visual appeal!
The break down in tables of the broad and slender sounds are excellent!

Classroom Teacher, Pilot Study 2019

How to make Irish phonics lessons fun and accessible.

Webinar Participant - Navan Education Centre

SingFónaic is a great website designed to help children with their Irish. It has loads of content, for example: Games, poems, songs, cool characters, dictation sheets, the alphabet in Irish and I think it's a fun way to get children doing work. I myself love learning new songs and games and I think SingFónaic has improved my Irish a lot.

Pupil, 4th class, St. Patrick's National School, Co. Meath

SingFónaic offers a very clear, fun and understandable way for children of all ages to learn phonics through Gaeilge.

Webinar Participant - Navan Education Centre

It’s fabulous that SingFónaic is aligned with the new Primary Language Curriculum and that detailed lesson plans are available. I really enjoyed the trial period and I believe that this is an excellent resource. Many thanks.

Múinteoir Aoife, newly qualified teacher

Very helpful programme for teaching to plan teaching Irish sounds to children.

Webinar Participant - Navan Education Centre

Irish Phonics is so important and not done enough in schools.

Classroom Teacher, Pilot Study 2019
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